IMPOWR Contributors

IMPOWR volunteers remain the driving force behind this innovative project and we could not do what we do without the support of these dedicated individuals. Anyone is welcome to participate in IMPOWR and we encourage volunteers to become “Contributors.” Our Contributors research, write and edit the content in the IMPOWR database. We encourage anyone with an interest in upholding women's rights in every country around the world to register as an IMPOWR volunteer. For more information, please see the “How to Get Started” page.

These dedicated Contributors have volunteers significant time, expertise and efforts to building the IMPOWR database since January 2013. Join us!

Contributed to Brazil

Milena Baker, Brazil
Lucy Haley, Brazil
Lilian Longato, Brazil
Andrew McIntosh, Brazil
Heloisa Salgado, Brazil
John Yandell, Brazil

Contributed to Germany

Evgeniya Aleshina, Germany
Daniel Brauner, Germany
Jessica Chinnow, Germany
Martina Geiser, Germany
Tine Golombek, Germany
Jessica Hallermayer, Germany
Jakob Hoffmann, Germany
Daniel Klisa, Germany
Verena Kloft, Germany
Silvo Rheinwald, Germany
Kathrin Rübsamen, Germany
Mario Stark, Germany

Contributed to Hungary

Anton Babak, Hungary
Zsófia Barát, Hungary
Ildikó Csák, Hungary
Bence Spitzmüller, Hungary 
Eszter Takácsi-Nagy, Hungary
Sarolta Várszegi, Hungary

Contributed to Japan

Mizuki Koshimoto, Japan
Rie Nitta, Japan
Koichiro Ohashi, Japan
Andrew Robinson, Japan
Micah Sadoyama, Japan

Contributed to Mexico

Yolanda Catalan Ramirez, Mexico
Jose Luis Villareal Rodriguez, Mexico
German Cavazos Trevino, Mexico
Marcela Gamino Vazquez, Mexico
Alfredo Garcia Villarreal, Mexico

Contributed to Romania

Ruxandra Ionescu, Romania
Flaviu Nanu, Romania
Delia Pachiu, Romania
Claudiu Tampau, Romania

Contributed to Russia

Svetlana Emelyanova, Russia
Ksenia Koroleva, Russia
Olga Ponomarenko, Russia

Contributed to South Africa

Nicki Vant Riet, South Africa

Contributed to the United Kingdom

Alice Marsden, UK
Elizabeth Purcell, UK
Phillip Stoup, UK
Tyler Waltman, UK

Contributed to the United States

Holly Hogan, United States