Law Reform Efforts: Correctional Facilities in Bangladesh

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In 2002, the Bangladeshi Government established the Ministerial Committee for Jail Reforms. This Committee met several times and made recommendations for various amendments to the Jail Code of 1920. One such reform was proposed in 2006 at the thirteenth meeting of the Committee, which was that women be housed in separate facilities, a reform that was approved and brought under construction.1 A facility for women was completed and opened in 2007.2 Other jails exclusively for women have since been brought under construction.3

Other steps have been taken by the inspector general of prisons to improve the status of correctional facilities, including “updating the jail code, reducing corruption and drug trafficking in prisons, limiting the use of full shackles on prisoners for reasons other than discipline, improving the quality of food, creating more prisoner vocational training opportunities and literacy classes, and improving the morale of prison staff.”4