Welcome! International Models Project on Women's Rights (IMPOWR) is an open and dynamic platform for sharing information on gender equality and women's rights under the law around the world. Our intent is to empower the global community to exchange knowledge and wisdom on effective law reform and enforcement efforts. In this vein, the IMPOWR project consists of two parts – our website and virtual journal, and our Research Database. To learn more about the IMPOWR project, please click here.


Why Volunteer with IMPOWR?

“Contributing to IMPOWR was a wonderful and gratifying experience, and any contribution to the global empowerment of women is priceless.

From a legal perspective, it was enriching to prepare the research and share it across borders through IMPOWR, and to learn more extensively about women’s rights in the nation around us. The team elaborated the research to offer a full reflection of Brazil’s legal framework, deficiencies and ambitions regarding women’s rights.

We are privileged by our position as attorneys, and by our opportunity to serve others. Awareness of this motivated us in contributing to this exceptional global platform created by IMPOWR. Our hope and main interest is that our research may assist in the worldwide understanding of women’s rights, and expand IMPOWR’s ability to empower women around the world.”

- White & Case LLP, São Paulo Research Team


"Participating in IMPOWR’s important efforts was highly   motivating and rewarding for us.  IMPOWR’s work is complex and serves and touches a variety of people and audiences on many different levels.     We believe that IMPOWR is a great “connector” for those who want to be part of something big and to help overcome prejudices and partialities.

We would like to thank IMPOWR for the gratifying opportunity it gave us to challenge our minds and hearts and understand that things which perhaps we take for granted are in fact a result of a long-term struggle by many who came before us. 

We are confident that IMPOWR’s initiatives will advance and its voice will grow even stronger.  We are committed to continue our assistance, both as professionals and individuals."

-White & Case Bucharest Research Team 


“Working on the IMPOWR initiative has been for us a remarkable and unique experience. From the very beginning, our Italian, UK and Russian teams have been enthusiastic to contribute in the implementation of this global collaborative platform on women’s rights, which represents a privileged point of observation on the CEDAW. Our main goal was to develop our research subjects by ensuring that our work was part of the harmonious structure of the IMPOWR database which already offers, with reference to different Countries, exceptionally complete and interesting contents.

Italian, UK and Russian women’s main efforts are directed to gain equality not only in law, but also in practice and, through our researches, we had the chance to focus on how difficult the process of enforcement and protection of equality in the society was and still is. Moreover, we are proud of the fantastic opportunity we had, as lawyers, to introduce and comment, beyond national borders, features of our respective national legislations  on women rights.”

-Latham&Watkins UK, Russia, and Italy Pro-Bono Research Teams


IMPOWR is currently seeking the aid of researchers to contribute to our fully searchable, wiki-like Research Database. Since this is a user-generated database, you may find that content on various countries or in certain subject areas is incomplete or even inaccurate—this is where we rely on you to input new data and keep the current data up-to-date. Researchers contribute content to the database in areas where they have relevant experience and are not directly coordinated by IMPOWR staff. Individuals interested in this path can simply sign up on the IMPOWR Login page by selecting “Create a New Account.” Our How to Get Started section provides greater detail on submitting content as a Contributor. We also have a variety of other roles for those who are interested in working most closely with the IMPOWR project. Please contact IMPOWR for more information.

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